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We're SaaVee, a group of experienced industry professionals who are committed to helping our clients create, build and deploy new business strategies that harness all the power cloud computing has to offer.

At SaaVee, we are committed to our client's success.

We help our customers evaluate their Cloud requirements, their mobility stance and their use of big data. We recommend the best solutions, and working with our partners, implement the solution for our clients.

SaaVee developed its business expertise in Consumer Products, Retail and e-commerce, Telecom and Web and Mobile Device Services. We want to use cloud computing to drive innovation in our customer's core business processes.

At SaaVee, we know technology. We are a skilled NetSuite Partner, and can apply our expertise to your business. Our process is simple - we listen to our clients. We understand their business, their goals and their timelines. We research the best and most comprehensive cloud technology solutions, and present a end-to-end work plan that fits business requirements and budget.

In the fast-paced world of technology, we have solid cloud experience, having worked with Alcatel-Lucent on evaluating the Cloud IaaS vendors on their cloud stack, and have a prestigious list of SaaS vendors as partners


SaaVee is proud to partner with industry leaders to serve our world class clients.

News & Events

News & Events

co-chair for AAMA Big Data Event held next Friday 9/13 at the Mt View Computer Museum.We have free admission pass if you are interested in attending ($100 value).

Asia America MultiTechnology Association proudly hosts Big Data - Big Impact as part of the 2013 Connect Series at the Computer History Museum.

AAMA Big Data Conference

SaaVee is teaming up in Space Travel! See the article! Very exciting times!

Space—the final frontier. In about two years, anyone with a spare hundred grand (and nerves of steel) will get the opportunity to be an astronaut—at least for a few minutes. That’s the plan of SPACE EXPEDITION CORPORATION, a firm with strong ties to Silicon Valley (think Google investors and local e...

Gentry Wealth June/July 2013

SaaVee Inc added 26 new photos to the album: SaaVee Reception 4/16/13.

SaaVee reception for SpaceXC

SaaVee Inc added 32 new photos to the album: SaaVee Reception 4/16/13.

SaaVee reception for SpaceXC

4/13/13 SaaVee is honored to host SpaceXC, a space expedition corporation. We are proud to be associated with them in bringing mankind to the next frontier !

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4/12/13 Announcing mKnight, our enterprise BYOD security solution suite. Public launch next Tuesday at Woodside, CA

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SaaVee Inc updated their cover photo.


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