Security as a Service

Our Services

At Saavee, we believe that managing and securing enterprise data is a top priority. We are committed to building "security as a service" products. Saavee is developing a hybrid Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to address the challenge's of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

We understand that the enterprise needs to protect data that resides and moves through it's networks and devices including mobile devices. We have named this product suite mKnight, to appropriately reflect a focus on mobile data security.

We are proud to present the mKnight Product Solution Suite - called Authenticate, Control and Comply. mKnight products are currently supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing: the delivery of computing as a service, where shared resources, software and information are provided to devices as a utility over a network.

At SaaVee, we provide the following services:

  • Solution design and implementation
  • Estimate, plan and deploy resources on shore, off shore, near shore or on site.
  • Migrate or build applications on a cloud platform
  • Smart-Sourced Product Development
  • Storage options analysis
  • Support Center design and assistance

Mobility - Optimization & App Development

At SaaVee, we offer a range of software services to best enable a product or device containing embedded software, such as mobile phones.

Our services include:

  • App development across a range of industries and platforms, including IPhone and Android
  • Mobility applications architectures
  • System design
  • Testing and deployment
  • On-going mobility managed services, operations and support

SaaVee can be an integral part of your enterprise mobility strategy. We provide the expertise to make sure every element of your solution works together to achieve your goals.

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We have over 20 years of expertise in the security industry across many ecosystems and vertical industries. We have expertise in enterprise security across the application, network and storage stacks.

SaaVee offers a range of services, including:

  • Security evaluation of architecture, deployment, secure application design
  • Security compliance review
  • Secure coding practices and secure best practices
  • Design, evaluation, assessment of data center security for storage networks, applications, deployment and regulatory compliance standards.

Big Data - velocity, volume, and variety--new critical analytics for business

At SaaVee, we help our clients use big data to maximize returns by:

  • Making information transparent and usable--"on demand"
  • Collecting accurate and detailed performance information
  • Improving the development of next generation products and services

We partner with leading product vendors in:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining and Analytics